Visa. Accepted all across Turkey.

Some things change when you go abroad.
The way you pay doesn't have to.

Visa is accepted at nearly 2.5 million locations and 50,000 ATMs across Turkey. So, wherever you’re going, you know that you can use your card in the same way you would at home.*

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Visa Travel Tools app

Your perfect travel companion. With a handy ATM finder built in, you’ll always be able to withdraw cash wherever you are in the world.

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Atm Finder

You can use your Visa card to withdraw money at nearly 50.000 ATMs across Turkey. Use our handy locator when you land to find your closest ones.

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Visa promotions in Turkey

Spend 100€ with your Visa card at Antalya Duty Free Shop, get 10€ discount!

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Lost your card?

If you’ve lost your Visa card, contact Visa or your bank. We’re here to help you, wherever you are.

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More reasons to pay with Visa


Paying with Visa abroad is just as safe as it is at home and you are protected in just the same way. Visa works with banks to protect your Visa cards and payments using state of the art fraud detection systems and 24/7 dedicated fraud teams.

With Visa you’re also protected from fraud, loss and theft.

If your Visa debit or credit card should be used fraudulently during your trip, you can get your money back*. And if your card gets lost or stolen, just contact your bank and they will arrange for a card replacement or help you secure emergency cash transfer.


If you use your Visa card abroad, you do not need to worry about collecting your travel money before your trip.

Not only is Visa accepted at millions of locations in over 200 countries, it also gives you access to your money at any time, and in any currency via a huge network of ATMs.


You may be surprised how comparable the cost of paying with your card is compared to the cost of changing your currency on the high street**. Plus paying with Visa comes with all the reassurance, and without the unnecessary risk of carrying around large sums of currency.

Whether shopping online or travelling abroad, when you use your Visa card to pay for goods or services your purchase is protected globally. If you buy faulty or damaged goods, a service you paid for was not provided or if the goods were not delivered, you can get the money back through your bank**.


With Visa you are in control of your spending.

You can track what you spend using online banking or statements when you get home; so you can manage your money and stay in control. You can also see clearly any fees you may be being charged for using your card, unlike the hidden costs of getting cash at a bureau de change.

Additional tips for your trip

Keep it local

If using your card to make a payment or withdraw cash locally, you might be asked if you’d prefer to pay in the local or your home currency. Selecting the local option will usually give you the most competitive rates and avoid hidden fees.***

Check the expiry date

Always double-check the expiry date on your Visa card. It’s important to make sure your card will still be valid for the duration of your trip .

Book in advance

Use your card for advance bookings. Book plane tickets, hotel reservations or car rentals. Your card gives you additional protection before and during your trip

Check exchange rates

It’s important to know what the best exchange rate is before you leave the country. Use our currency converter below to see what the current rate is.

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Wherever you are travelling to, we hope you enjoy your trip.
Don’t forget to pack your Visa card.

* The cost of using your card abroad depends on your bank/card issuer.

** Based on the Visa Europe FX Consumer Cost Analysis conducted by the agency “Forward Thinking” based on Visa card usage in ATMs and in-store in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and UK across the month of December 2014.

***Fees may apply based on your issuing bank.